Summer Pallet Pavilion

Gap Filler With the demolitions throughout the city still in full throttle, a group of volunteers is moving just as quickly to bring vibrancy to Christchurch in the wake of last year’s February earthquake.

One major demolition that leaves a huge gap in central Christchurch is the former Crowne Plaza Hotel in Victoria Square.

Pre-quake, this giant landmark overlooked the heart of the city from the corner of Kilmore and Durham Streets.

After an intensive demolition project, the space is now taking shape as a temporary pavilion made out of more than 3000 painted pallets.

The project is the brainchild of Gap Filler – a creative urban regeneration initiative that temporarily activates vacant sites within Christchurch with creative projects for community benefit, to make for a more interesting and dynamic city.

Gap Filler volunteers – in collaboration with professionals including architecture and landscape architecture graduates and structural engineers – are creating the Summer Pallet Pavilion. This will be a new community space available as a venue for live music, cinema, performance and community events until April 2013.  The thought behind it is to create a performance venue for live music, after the quakes that resulted in the loss of many traditional live venues.

It’s not just for the music lovers: Gap Filler project coordinator Trent Hiles says it’s ultimately a venue for people to “do things.”

“It’s a congregation point to come to in the city; a space to have lunch, and hang out.”

The Summer Pallet Pavilion will be a temporary venue and community space in the lead up towards the re-opening of Victoria Square.

Shipping containers, porta-coms, marquees and geo-domes are a common sight dominating earthquake-affected areas in Christchurch. Gap Filler aims to fill these vacant spaces with more creative temporary designs as a symbol of remembrance to what once stood.

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