PORSE In-Home Childcare

Imagine your child being cared for in a warm and nurturing relationship with one special person who is flexible and responsive to your child’s needs. Educators and nannies with PORSE dedicate themselves to providing safe, calm and familiar environments.

Twenty years of research and experience have supported PORSE in developing a rich and diverse community programme, which provides learning experiences and opportunities for social interaction outside of the home, offering the best of both worlds.

PORSE is guided by the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki . Our educators and nannies benefit from ongoing support and free training from qualified trained early childhood education teachers.

Families who choose PORSE are assured their children will receive quality time with their carer as the maximum number of pre-school children in a home environment is four. Research shows that having young babies and children in low-ratio, home-based care environments is less stressful and results in less illness and absenteeism.

Get in touch with us today – call us on 0800 023 456 or visit our website www.porse.co.nz