Lake Terrace – Bottle Lake Preschools

At our two Kids & Co Ltd Preschools – Lake Terrace Preschool and Bottle Lake Preschool – we recognise that ‘family’ are the most important people in children’s lives. That’s why families’ aspirations and beliefs form the foundation of everything we do with and for the children, parents and caregivers.

We also firmly believe that children are unique individuals capable of making sound decisions in regards to their own learning. At our pre-schools, children are the leaders of their own curriculum. We intentionally work alongside them to develop and progress their special interests and talents as they start to build lifelong learning skills.

We invite parents/whānau and caregivers to visit our Preschools and see just how much we can offer children in those exciting and formative pre-school years.

Phone: Lake Terrace – 383 4757
Bottle Lake – 387 0647