Just Dance 4


Name: Just Dance 4:Special Edition
Platforms: Wii reviewed but plays on all platforms
Your rating: (4 out of 5 stars)
Classification: G
Genre: Dance
Themes & values: As the title suggests – Just Dance
Review: The Just Dance series is the go to dance game across all consoles, making use of the various aspects of each console. Kinect on the 360, Move on the Playstation and the Wii remote on the Wii. Will Just Dance 4 be worth the Upgrade I wondered?


Sure, Just Dance 4 offers over 40 new tracks, from artists such as Flo Rider, Rihanna, Will Smith, Justin Bieber and more. (Someone please tell me how Rick Astley still gets onto these games) but is it enough. Yes and improvements to boot. Ubisoft have managed to add some modes to tracks that really make this game pop.


The basic game play elements are pretty much unchanged from before, it is in the new modes that the game starts to stand out. The Dance Battle allows players to go head to head in a dance off over five rounds with one being crowned champion at the end. It adds an excellent competitiveness to the game, making players face off against each other. It really is a hit when everyone gets involved and can create quite the atmosphere and the way this has been balanced means that players aren’t waiting ages to have their turn.


Each song has up to four different dance routines at any one time. This can see a group of players taking to the stage at the same time, each playing their part in the action. The different routines too mean that there is variety to the action and different people of different abilities can still get fun out of the game. It is a major improvement over previous titles.

You didn’t buy the Wii for the graphics so ?there are no surprises there. The on screen characters choreograph each routine whilst the background keeps things cool and funky.


There’s a little bit of music for everyone on this game, yes even Rick Astley fans. From the magic of Barry White to the styling’s of Sergio Mendes and the Black Eyed Peas. Its aimed at those that live to dance and it hits the mark.


As a fourth release you have to wonder what can be better? The truth is Just Dance 4 has managed to keep things vibrant and fresh and built on a solid base. If you have dance fans in your house of any age then this is the game you have to have this year.


Language: Nothing offensive
Violence/distressing scenes: None
Sex/nudity: None
Drugs/alcohol: None

About the author: Duncan Sharpe lives in Sydney with his beautiful wife Heike and 2 loving children. When not writing reviews Duncan works hard at developing his baseball skills and teaching his old dog new tricks.


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