Harry Potter for Kinect


Name: Harry Potter for Kinect
Platforms: Xbox 360 with Kinect
Your rating: (4 out of 5 stars)
Classification: PG
Genre: Mini games
Themes & values: Magic and Wizardry
Review: It seem that every platform is getting the motion sensor games out in time for Christmas. I opened this game and I have to admit that my first thought was oh no, not another Kinect game menu to fumble through. For those of you new to Kinect the main menus are usually tightly packed with numerous actions for the most simple of tasks. Not so with Harry Potter.

Harry Potter for Kinect is exactly what Kinect was made for. Kids games that require basic movement and titles that capture the imagination of your childs favourite movie so that they feel almost a part of it. Yes some adults will love it to. If I could get it to say “You’re a Wizard Duncan” I’d be a very happy fellow.

Harry Potter for Kinect is basically a constant selection of mini-games that can be played with up to two players in front of the Kinect Sensor.

The Kinect controls are incredibly responsive and the game is very enjoyable, even if you’re not a huge Harry Potter fan, this is a great game that will be replayed over and over again.

The game allows you to play as your favourite characters or even as yourself. Using your body and your voice you can cast spells and battle it out in exciting duels with major villains from the series. You can even play Quidditch like you’ve never played before.

First you and your Wand must be introduced. You can wait a while for this but once you have it your off to be sorted into your house just like the movie.

You’ll take potion classes with Professor Snape while learning to pinch, pour and stir ingredients that will see you master the potion to cure boils. Don’t just think being a wizard comes naturally as you also have to learn to cast spells in Professor Flitwicks Charms Classes. The method in which you can cast a spell is exactly how you would expect a wizard to do it in real life, you cast your wand and say the spell out loud, or if you are unable to say it perform a movement with your arms, but it’s easier to just cast your spell and say it out loud. Now that you can create potions and cast spells, you’re ready for the games to begin.

When I say games its more like a series of clips from the movie with a narrative over the top to lead you into the mini game. You’ll need to know a bit about the movies as it doesn’t give you a huge amount of information about fighting trolls or dueling against other wizards. It’s a greatly detailed game graphics wise and you’ll know the movie scene that your playing in very well.

As with most Kinect games the controls are very specific and wonderfully responsive that just add to the brilliance of this game.

Fan or not this is worth having in the games draw. I bet JK Rowling never thought it would go this far when she started.

Language: Nothing offensive
Violence/distressing scenes: Some violence from spells and potions
Sex/nudity: None
Drugs/alcohol: Magic potions

About the author: Duncan Sharpe lives in Sydney with his beautiful wife Heike and 2 loving children. When not writing reviews Duncan likes to play and watch baseball with his family and friends.

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