Game – Lego Batman 2: DC Super heroes

Game on - lego_batman-2 Platforms:                 PlayStation 3

Your rating:              (4 out of 5 stars)

Classification:           G

Genre:                      Action adventure

Themes and values: Be a super hero and help those in trouble

Language:                 Nil

Violence/distressing scenes: Nil

I always wonder when I get a sequel copy to review if the game will be as good as the first. I found that Lego Batman 2:DC Super Heroes was the one that I was actually waiting for.

The biggest change in Lego Batman 2:DC Super Heroes is that the characters have the ability to talk, which means that they now can make their own stories.

Game-wise, Lego Batman 2:DC Super Heroes ticks all the right boxes. Due to the DC Super Heroes section of the title you know there are characters aplenty to play with; Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor to name a few of the 60 plus available.

Apart from that, not much has changed in this game so remember to read what the game is telling you and look for clues like colours changing etc. You still collect all the Lego goodies like gold bricks and Micro kits but don’t worry about them until you master the flow of the game.

There is a multiplayer mode but single player is much more fun and in free play mode you can go crazy – use Superman as he makes getting all the goodies so much easier.

This is a great little game that will provide you with hours of fun and replay value for about $40.

About the author: Duncan Sharpe lives in Sydney with his beautiful wife Heike and two loving children. Duncan enjoys baseball and rugby when not writing reviews.

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