Fang hua Kung Fu School

Fanghua Kungfu School was established in Christchurch on 15th Jan 2012. It is the first school in New Zealand to teach traditional chinese Kung Fu (Wu Shu). After a year of rapid development , the school currently has 150 students. The school has taken an active part in various community activities and helps to promote the cultural exchange. On 6th November 2012, the students of Fanghua Kungfu school representative of New Zealand to attended the 5th World Wushu Championships and Kevin received the bronze medal. Ms Jessie Zhao is the founder and the principal of the school, she is the representative of successful social enterprise.

Organisation Website:

Contact Name: Jessie Zhao/ Ting Wei

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Contact Phone: 03 3574623(office)/ 021770987/ 0210603566

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