Design Competition Winners


Congratulations to our design competition winners!

Spring Design Competition 2014 Winners:

Congratulations to our competition winners from our last issue. They are:

1-4 Madelynn Seaton-Payne (Age 3 ½)
“This is Spotty Spot. She had a fruit salad hat and flowers for hands, and her clothes have flowers too. She’s my teddy.”

Madelynn web


5-8 Cameron Bell (Age 5)

“This is my dad wearing a cucumber shirt, carrot pants and a tomato belt. He has kale hair and a banana mouth. The sun is a sunflower.”

Cameron web


9-12 Sophie (Age 10)

“My dress has: sunflowers, poppy, carrots, peas, rose, bluebell, purple loosestrife, potatoes, foxglove, broccoli, pickle, tulip, pumpkin, egg plant, tomato, lettuce, flowers, ivy, daisy.”
Please visit to view the winning entries.

Sophie web
Design your own slippers – what would they look like?

1-4 – Liam MacDonald, Age 3 – “Liam and his magic monster scaring slippers.  These are Liam’s furry green slippers.  They are big furry slippers that look like monsters.  They are magic slippers.  When he wears them they make him big, strong and scary.  Liam then frightens the monsters away turning his nightmares in to happy dreams”







5-8 – Joseph Knopp, Age 7 – “This is a pieman and Hobbit slipper and it can fly because it has springs and jet packs.  On the Hobbit’s door is Gandalf’s sign.  Bilbo Baggins is standing outside his hobbit hole and pieman is flying in the sky.  These are MY dream slippers.”






9-12 – Cameron Galbraith, Age 9 – “Rocket slippers with i-pad charger”




What is your ideal job?
autumn_design_w2013_Asheika_flippedAsheika Brasell-Jagger (Bug Collector) – Age 4










autumn_design_w2013_ryanRyan Billington (Cyber rats shop) – Age 7









autumn_design_w2013_jonathanJonathan Tokios (Boat Architect) – Age 11











Jessica Zhang, Auckland (9-12years)












Misha Simpson, Auckland (5-8 years)














Erin Thomas (5-8 years)


Karamu Taratoa-Bannister (9 – 12 years)

Jordan Donnerwind (1-4 years)

Summer 2011 – “Design a Jandal”

Umain Ahmed (9-12 years)

Theodore Hua (5-8 years)

Lorenzo Tetley

Spring 2011 – “Your favourite thing about spring time”

Sarah Eades (9 – 11 years)

Samantha Thornicroft (5 – 8 years)

Miriama Tana (1-4 years)

Winter 2011 – “Rugby World Cup”

Fiona Yoon (5-8 years)

Michael Sincock (1-4 years)

Rachel Lin (9-12 years)

Autumn 2011 – “Mother’s Day”


Meg Kinder (9-12 years)

Jennifer Liou (5-8 years)

Summer 2011 – “Kiwiana Christmas”

Stella Heetkamp (1-4 years)

 Cayleen Bester (5-8 years)


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