You can’t quit sugar

The combination of having Easter and the school holidays is one big challenge to resist sugar. As a parent and caregiver, it can be challenging enough getting healthy food into children let alone trying to keep them (and ourselves) away from sugar. CATHERINE SISSONS explains.

Eating food that is sweet is often followed by guilt. This is why after becoming a mother I became The Guilt Free Nutritionist. So, I could show people how balance is the new moderation.

The truth is sugar in unavoidable. In fact, the human body fuels itself on sugar in the form of glucose.

Sweet is the brain’s safety switch and when the body is in fight or flight (such as when we feel tired from parenting) our operating systems will choose ‘sweet’ every time.

It starts when we first taste breast milk from our own mother. Even if we were not breastfed, the human body associates sweet with nurture. So, it is no surprise when the going gets tough in life we tend to gravitate toward sweet food.

Caffeine intake, relationship tension, financial pressure, organising a family, working, and parenting, are also factors that cause our central nervous system to run on fight or flight.

The best way to avoid sugar is to find satisfaction.

Satisfaction physically, nutritionally and emotionally. This is why I created the ‘Science of Satisfaction’ a way of balancing health and wellbeing that was published in my first book Wet Your Appetite – The Secret to Eating Guilt Free.

I had been a nutritionist in the health and wellness industry for nine years and I also ran my own consultancy business for five years when I unexpectedly became a mother.

I was thrown in the deep end of learning what balance meant emotionally, physically, as well as nutritionally. It gave me the
first-hand experience of applying the science of satisfaction under pressure.

Essentially, I designed the ‘Science of Satisfaction’, SOS for short, to keep tummies satisfied for longer.

Food is not only our fuel, but it can also be an emotional fall back when we are parenting.

When we are feeling tired at the end of the day a cup of tea gives us five minutes of peace, a piece of chocolate can feel like a day off and eating a meal we didn’t have to cook ourselves is like hitting the jackpot!

When you feel satisfied you are less likely to feel like sugar because your blood sugars are in balance. That is how the science of satisfaction works.

I decided to simplify it even further and create over 200 seasonal recipes that you can cook at your place for all ages. They are adjustable for fussy eaters and they can cater for gluten free and dairy free allergies. Guilt-free recipes are accessed through The Guilt Free Food School, an online membership portal, and the Guilt-Free seasonal cookbooks.

At the Guilt Free Food School, we’re at the end of your phone, laptop, or tablet to answer any foodie questions in the private community. It is a cost-effective way to access qualified advice from an expert with over 14 years of consulting experience in the health and wellness industry.

When you feel satisfied you have more energy, stay healthy and also keep the body you desire. There is no need to follow a diet or cut out food groups. It helps you remove the guilt around enjoying the foods you love and sets a healthy example without dieting for the younger generation.

Catherine started NOVA Nutrition in 2009, and published her first book, Wet Your Appetite – the secret to eating guilt free, in 2017. This year, Catherine has unveiled The Guilt Free Food School, along with seasonal guilt-free cookbooks, to help families feel satisfied for longer and simplify healthy eating.