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Kids running summer businesses

“I’m bored!” is the catch-cry of nearly every school-age child over the long summer holiday stretch. Sure, you can recommend chores, movie marathons and playing outside, but nothing engages kids quite so much as the chance to make a buck. Summer holidays are the perfect

Getting kids ready for school

Your child may be starting school for the first time, moving on to middle school/intermediate or high school, or may be changing schools. How do you get them ready? School is such a big part of a child’s life, and adjusting to a school environment

The Science of Christmas

We may not have the snowflakes, chimney (well most of us in Christchurch don’t anymore!) or the appropriately attired Father Christmas, but we do have a uniquely Kiwi Christmas. Here are a few science-based facts on Christmas to share with your kids (or colleagues). 1.  

Easy family barbecue ideas

We all love barbecues and cooking outdoors during summer, so having some easy standbys you can whip up with a smidgen of effort is always handy. Here are a few ideas to get you started: No-cook chickpea vegetable salad Dressing ingredients •    ¼ cup finely

Kids’ summer birthday party ideas

Spring and summer are great times to have a child’s birthday party. With all that sunshine, keeping kids (and party mess) outdoors is a no-brainer. Outdoor parties offer a raft of new possibilities. We’ve put together a few summer sizzling kids’ party ideas to get

Say no to being a bullying victim

Back in the 90s, when PE consisted of a heated bullrush game and the only offence that was frowned upon by teachers was bringing a knife into school, my days as the new, quiet foreign girl were filled with hiding from bullies during lunchtime. I’d