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Technology changing the way kids communicate

The Information Age has revolutionised the way that people communicate. For adults, it’s mostly about digital shortcuts – a quick SMS or Facebook message is usually about saving time. But with today’s kids as digital natives, experts warn that an overuse of technology affects the


Kids love spring gardening

Winter’s last icy grip clutched the South Island in August, but the great news is that spring is finally here. Technically, at least. If you’re not quite feeling it yet, take a quick look in your garden. There are bound to be spring bulbs pushing


Stranger danger

The words “ stranger danger ” tend to conjure up one thing in our mind – abduction prevention. It’s a cute phrase that even rhymes, so it’s easy to get kids to remember it. But is it the best way to teach kids about the


When grandparents cross the line

Grandparents await the arrival of a grandchild with almost the same eagerness as new parents do. It’s like being told that you no longer have to eat vegetables – just desert. They often look forward to their new role and the opportunity to finally make


Choosing the right high school for your child

A school’s true nature is found beyond the marketing, the glossy tours and the slick statistics. Here’s how to find it: There’s a lot to consider when choosing a high school for your child. It’s easy to be seduced by stellar reputations, family traditions and