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How to compost with your kids

What better way to enjoy spending quality time with your kids outdoors than getting hands-on with a mucky, grubby, wormy, pile of compost? Composting is heaps of fun and an easy, inexpensive way to support sustainability. Kids can be involved at every step and will


Raising a resilient preteen

The world is so PC these days…no seriously, I remember when bulrush was just another playground game, and getting my ponytail pulled by some prankster from behind me was not punishable. Now we’ve removed boundaries for kids and have replaced them with regulations, because God

banana choc-nut cookies

Banana choc-nut cookies

These banana choc- nut cookies are a great thing to make with the kids because you can talk to them about the science involved in the rising process, which is a little different to other cookies.  In this recipe, the baking soda reacts with the


Beating the back-chat beast

A quick retort, a roll of the eyes, a smart-aleck comment – back-chat is the bane of many parents’ lives. It can also be one of the most exhausting and frustrating elements of parenting, an endless barrage every time you ask for chores to be


Anxiety – Is your child sick with worry?

Have you got a child who is frequently off school with headaches or a sore stomach? Sometimes there are underlying issues to recurrent illnesses, and it’s important to know if anxiety is causing your child’s symptoms. What is anxiety? Anxiety is our body’s way of


Parents say funny things

Each edition of Family Times we like to share all the funny things that your kids say. This time, we thought we’d turn the tables, trawl the internet and talk about all the funny things parents say. Here’s a snapshot! “When my kids become wild