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Choosing the right high school for your child

A school’s true nature is found beyond the marketing, the glossy tours and the slick statistics. Here’s how to find it: There’s a lot to consider when choosing a high school for your child. It’s easy to be seduced by stellar reputations, family traditions and


Slow cooker tips for delicious winter dinners

Slow cookers really are the family’s best winter friend. It’s a great kitchen gadget for preparing a nutritious family meal with very little effort. You can get dinner prepped and cooking in the morning and avoid juggling cooking during the witching hour! Plus, slow cooking


Top kids’ camping activities

The family camping holiday is a staple of Kiwi life. Packing up everything but the kitchen sink and heading off to the beach, river or countryside has created memories for many of us over the years. While taking kids camping can be a lot of


Living a life of resilience

Do you find yourself snapping at your kids at the smallest trigger? Resilience training may be what you need. Lucy Hone has a master’s degree in resilience psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and studied resilience through trauma post the Canterbury earthquakes. But it wasn’t

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Adapting your toddlers’ food

The first few years of life is a journey full of discovery and development for children, and sometimes also for the bigger people around them. As adults we instinctively encourage and support the obvious changes like walking, talking and independently eating similar foods to the