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Kids love spring gardening

Winter’s last icy grip clutched the South Island in August, but the great news is that spring is finally here. Technically, at least. And with it, spring gardening. If you’re not quite feeling it yet, take a quick look in your garden. There are bound


Dealing with seasonal allergies

How do you know if your child has mild hay fever or more serious allergic reaction that may require medical help? What is hay fever? Hay fever is one of the most common allergic reactions, particularly in the spring. Sometimes it’s just a sniffle here


Create for Conservation Week

If you missed out on Conservation Week (10-18 September 2016) there’s still time to join activities around the country and enjoy our natural world. Why not take time out from technology and swap your screens for green by bringing wildlife to your garden to celebrate?


Cooking with your little scientists

Cooking with your kids is great family fun, but it also offers valuable learning opportunities. Getting kids into the kitchen is also one of the best ways to get them engaged in cooking and food preparation. Often kids may be more open to trying something


Positive parenting – the dishes can wait…

Women’s well-being coach and parenting author Karyn Riley highlights the importance of focusing on and enjoying the positives of parenting. Much is said about the challenges and stress of parenthood. However, there is little emphasis placed on the joy of being a parent, celebrating the


How to compost with your kids

What better way to enjoy spending quality time with your kids outdoors than getting hands-on with a mucky, grubby, wormy, pile of compost? Composting is heaps of fun and an easy, inexpensive way to support sustainability. Kids can be involved at every step and will