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The art of compromise

The ability to compromise is one of the most powerful skills to foster in young children, and they learn it first from parents. You may remember your first power battle with your child. Maybe it was over bed time, a cluster bomb of mashed carrots

When other people judge your parenting

Nothing stings quite so much as your parenting skills being judged, and these days, everybody seems to be a parenting expert. Perhaps it’s the over-abundance of parenting books and programmes available, the blogs and the websites, but everyone (singles included) seem to feel they have

Cycle Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

Cycle safety tips for kids & parents

New Zealand Transport Agency’s National Cycling Programme has paired up with cycling enthusiast Marilyn Northcote to put together some top cycle safety tips to help parents get their kids cycling this summer. Summer break is a great time to get on your bike and enjoy some

Being a grandparent today

Author, mother and grandparent Janice Marriott says there’s a lot that grandparents wish their kids knew about parenting. However, the most important was not which baby blanket to use or how to discipline a screaming toddler. “I think what most grandparents say is, “I wish

from pre-school to school

From Holidays to Classroom….

From pre-school to school. The Sleep Coach shares her tips to ensuring that the transition from pre-school to school is smooth for kids and parents. Cheryl Fingleson, children’s sleep consultant, The Sleep Coach shares her tips to ensure that the transition from pre-school to school

Back to School Safety Tips

Back to school safety tips

  Thousands of students are marching back to school next month. Safekids Aotearoa has valuable safety tips to keep children safe. For Children: They’re safer in a booster seat till they’re 148cm tall. Primary school children seated in booster seats in the back seat of

Signs of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a growing issue and parents are struggling to identify and respond to this threat. A concern for many parents is that cyberbullying doesn’t stop when their child leaves school – as long as your child is connected to a device, a bully can

How to choose your childs sunscreen

How to choose your child’s sunscreen

Every Kiwi parent knows to “slip, slop, slap,” but how exactly do you choose the best sunscreen for your child? It may sound easy, but a quick trip to the supermarket or pharmacy reveals a mind-boggling plethora of choices:  organic or mineral? Water-resistant or sweat-resistant?